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The FLOORBURNERS are an electric combination of outstanding musicians and vocalists bringing beautiful harmonies, energetic entertainment and a creative medley of instruments and beats.

With the combined individual talents of this rockin' band, you’ll find it hard to stay in your seat!!!

Floorburners - Dan Schulzeck, Terrina Lowe, Paul Desmond
Floorburners - Terrina Lowe, Paul Desmond, Dan Schulzeck, Billy Bakos
Floorburners - Paul Desmond,Timo Sutinen, Terrina Lowe
Floorburners - Dan Schulzeck, Paul Desmond, Terrina Lowe, Les Woodford
Terrina Lowe

TERRINA (vocals, flute, harmonica & percussion)

Terrina lives and breathes music and can sing anything.

An experienced ballroom dancer, she can dance too and knows how to keep the dance floor pumping!!!

Her love of all styles of music has made her a very adaptable entertainer and singer. Terrina brings a rhythmic flavour to the group with her electric percussion kit and can rip it up on the harmonica and a little flute for those tender ballads. 

Dan Schulzeck

DAN (guitar, vocals)

Dan is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Having played in various original and cover bands, Dan has also performed with many support acts for international artists. Some of Dan's proudest moments were winning the 'Hottest Guitarist' competition in 1991, and coming second in the 'Brisbane Shredfest' in 2009.

This talented musician sets the stage on fire with his awesome guitar licks and smokin' hot vocals.

Paul Desmond

PAUL (sax, vocals & percussion)

Paul is a master on saxophone, blending beautiful soft tones with crooner style vocals, but that’s just to warm you up.

He can also rock it up with the best of them... Everyone loves the sax!!!

His experience of performing in big bands and knowing his audience, allows him the freedom to really speak through his music,

always delivering a first class performance.

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